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UNILIFT Ceiling lifts.

Individual solutions for more independence

The UNILIFT offers almost limitless possibilities, and has been in very successful use around the world for many years.

The UNILIFT ceiling lift system consists of a wide range of rails, curves and traverses, and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling depending on the room characteristics. The system components are expandable and perfectly matched.

It is an extraordinarily well-conceived and designed system that meets the latest safety standards. Its electric drive lets mobilityimpaired persons move from bed to bath or toilet in the lift, completely independently.

In addition, UNILIFT eliminates the need for the uncomfortable transfer that is often only possible with the assistance of others by means of different lift systems.

  • Can be used in wet and dry rooms
  • Ceiling or wall mounting keeps the floor clear
  • Easy, smooth, and safe transport
  • Can be expanded as needed with a wide range of available components
  • Electric lift motor
  • IBS - Intelligent Battery System
  • Emergency release
  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 functions controlled by hand switch:
    2 lift/lower
    4 lift/lower/right/left
    6 lift/lower/right/left/forward/reverse
    8 lift/lower/right/left/forward/reverse/ spreader bar function
  • Permanent power supply or charging station as desired
  • Lifting capacity 160 kg / 350 lbs, optionally 275 kg / 600 lbs
  • With spreader bar or patient positioner (manual or powered)